Every client must begin with a 30min consultation for £25, and each session after that is £50 for an hour. 

Should you wish to cancel your session you must give at least 24hours notice where possible. Any cancellations made less than 24hours prior to the appointment will incur a 50% charge to cover losses. Extreme circumstances will be taken into consideration. 

Confidentiality will have to be broken should any non-payment issues arise, to enable the therapist to utilise the services of a third party to recover costs. 

If you are going to be running late for an appointment you must contact Fay on 07767484484 to let her know. If you are going to be over 30minutes late, then the appointment will need to be rearranged.  

Fay also works doing consulting for corporate businesses....

The cost to the UK economy for people taking time off work for stress in 2014 was over £6billion. With the appropriate neutral support network within businesses, Fay believes this can become a thing of the past.

Team's need motivation and an ear to listen, without the fear of comebacks or office gossip.

To find out more about costs and availability, please contact Fay directly on email or phone.



07767 484484